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A bit of Washington County history went up in smoke on Tuesday, April 3, 1973 when the George Mansion was destroyed by fire. Built in 1839, the mansion was first owned by Major Robert Love, who built it, and later became the summer residence of Anne George and her mother. Miss George’s mother was the daughter of Major Love.
The mansion, on 300 acres on Route 136 near Ginger Hill, featured an exact replica of the winding stairway in Longfellow’s home, and at one time the home had several pieces of invaluable furniture.
The mansion had 14 rooms and five baths.
Two years after Miss George died, in 1941, the property was purchased by John W. Butler of Mckeesport, who told the Washington Observer he planned to build two or three nine-hole golf courses on the property and use the mansion as a clubhouse.
However, the golf courses never came to be, and the property was again sold to owners who used it as a private home for a short time.
They then leased the property to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Paulich, who turned the mansion into a meeting place. The building was used primarily for events such as wedding receptions, and featured a restaurant, catering, and a beautiful interior.
The George Mansion remained as a meeting place for many years, finally becoming a health club, which soon folded.
The property was sold again, and was used as feeding grounds for cattle, with the caretakers occupying the building.
Most recently, the house was rented by a group described by nearby residents as hippies. The Longellow replica staircase was reportedly torn down and used for firewood.
Tuesday afternoon, all that remained of the building was four brick walls. The roof and the entire inside of the mansion was destroyed, but fire officials said only “junk furniture” was inside.
Both the Valley Inn and Finleyville Volunteer Fire Departments fought the blaze using a total of 34 firemen and five trucks. They were called at 4:20 a.m.
The state fire marshall is to be contacted, but arson is believed to the cause.

Observer-Reporter 1973
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The Monongahela Area Historical Society will meet 7:00 PM, May 26, 2016
in the parlor room of the First Presbyterian Church, located at 609 Chess Street, Monongahela, PA 15063. Please enter through the Chess Street entrance. President Susan Bowers will highlight upcoming events including the June 18 “Living History Series Part I - History through a Woman's Eyes,” September 25 inaugural “Ye Olde Towne Auction” and October 7,8,14,15 updated “18th Annual Ghost Walks,” and the developing Monongahela 250th Anniversary Celebration set for 2019. A historical program will follow a brief business meeting.
Jay Ramsey will speak about the Isaly Company, originators of Klondike ice cream bars, skyscraper ice cream cones and chipped chopped ham. Until 1980 there was a popular Isaly store with a delicatessen, ice cream bar and table seating in downtown Monongahela. Jay’s father worked at 11 different Isaly stores, starting in 1938 and participated in a Heinz History Center exhibit and ceremony. Jay who worked part-time at Monongahela and other stores will share personal stories and Isaly history.
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