Monongahela, also referred to locally as Mon City is a third-class city in the Washington County in Pennsylvania, the United States of America. It is also a part of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan statistical area. It is located almost 27 km south of the town proper. The population was actually 4500 or less, in the 2010 census which was taken 10 years ago. It is one of the only two cities in the entire Washington County, and it is also the smallest city in Pennsylvania, after Parker. Monongahela has been sitting at the intersection of Pennsylvania route 837, 136 and 88 as well. They all constitute the main street of the city. The town is served by the Ringgold school district.


Monongahela is also known for its aquatorium, which is a 3000 seat amphitheatre style venue which is built on the Monongahela River. According to all of their websites, the aquatorium is one of the first of its kind when it comes to venues, in the entire United States of America.

Let me now talk about the history of Monongahela. What is now the city of Monongahela was actually founded in the year 1769 on a tract of land near the confluence of the beautiful pigeon creek and the Monongahela River. You should also know that it is one of the oldest settlements near the river and the valley and it is also most likely the oldest in the entire Washington County. The original land was owned by three different men who named it Eden, Gloucester and Paradise. There was a man called Joseph Parkinson, and he operated a ferry on the West bank of the river, and he was recognised as the founder of the entire place. He built the first Post Office in the town and in the year 1782, the town was officially recognised as Parkinson’s ferry. Some people claim to almost 130 acres of land.

Monongahela river

The word ‘Monongahela’ is actually a native American word in origin, and it means “following banks”. The tribe of Monongahela was indigenous in nature, and this was before the settlement of the city.

Monongahela is a home for a lot of parks, museums and playgrounds. Chess Park is located near the centre of the city, and it hosts a community. They have community events throughout the year. There is a park called the mounds park, and it is built on the site of an ancient Indian burial ground, which is also a local playground and a sports complex. One of the banks of the river is the beautiful aquatorium, which is a waterfront venue which hosts the annual Fourth of July celebrations and also an annual summer concert series.

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