One of the most beautiful things about this place is its river. The Monongahela River is incredibly beautiful, and I will be listing out some things you can do here that involve the river as well.

You can actually go along the River Trail. You can either walk, run or even use a bike. The Trail system stretch is almost 48 miles throughout the county. You can even take a rail, because it definitely sounds fun. The river system was the 2020 inductee to the Rail Trail hall of fame. It was officiated by the RTC conservancy. Hall of fame inductees are actually selected completely based on a national vote and also recognised for outstanding scenic views, use, value and amenities. It also depends on the historical significance and the value in the community. During the summer of 2020, the Monongahela River rail Trail system was able to secure almost 60% of the votes over other nominees in Illinois, Pennsylvania and California as well.

There are so many places to eat along the beautiful Monongahela River. You can go to the wharf district. The wharf district is actually in Morgantown, and it is located just a couple of steps away from the River Trail. Visitors can actually choose between a huge variety of restaurant options which each have their own unique menu. There are a lot of dog-friendly cafes as well. You can even try some rustic comfort food at the Morgantown floor and feed and table 9. You can pick from a huge variety of craft beer at the mountain state brewing company, and you can have some wine at all Oliverio’s Ristorante. You can always play cornhole on the custom cornhole boards in town.


There is a wonderful cafe called the Terra Cafe. It follows the river, but it is a little north. It is a locally-owned cafe, and it offers some very healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options. You can choose from a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options as well. They have freshly baked pastries and desserts which are prepared every single day and are always on display. I highly suggest you go to Morgantown brewing company. You can place your trail and build your own burger at this wonderful place. It is located in downtown Morgantown. You can take a seat in the top room, and you can look at the bar. You can see how the beer is crafted and brewed in the house. It is also kept ice-cold for you, the customer.


If you want to swim in the Monongahela river, you should make sure that you swim in the shallow points which are around 9 feet deep. It has an average overall depth of almost 20 feet. You need to be careful, though.

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